Urban Farming, Healthy Lifestyle or Trends?

Urban farming has become one of the behaviors that have often been applied in urban areas over the past few years. This is done because it is considered as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For those of you who don’t know, urban farming is one of the activities carried out by utilizing vacant lands in urban areas to grow crops or raise livestock independently. The vacant land referred to in this activity can cover several areas at home or office.

At home, urban farming activities can be done in the yard, terrace, balcony, roof, kitchen, living room, and others. This can also be done in office areas.

In practice, farming activities are usually carried out using used pots, containers, bottles or cans as a place to grow crops. The types of plants used are usually vegetables or fruit that can be consumed, as well as ornamental plants to beautify the appearance of the house and office.

Some examples of plants that are often chosen, including spinach, kale, chives, celery, beans, and lettuce. While for fruits that are usually the choice are tomatoes, melons, and others.

The purpose of urban farming
By way of farming independently, the culprit hopes that the fruits or vegetables grown are free from harmful chemicals and have high quality. Thus, the vegetable or fruit also has a high nutritional status and is safe for consumption.

In addition, urban farming is also often used as a means of physical activity that can make the body more active. In fact, some people who do urban farming claim that the stress levels they have become lower so that mental health is also more awake.

Furthermore, urban farming activities can also be a source of income, thereby reducing expenditure. This activity also helped increase household-scale food production, which in turn brought benefits to reduce import requirements.

On this basis, urban farming is proven to be able to help overcome social, economic, health and environmental problems simultaneously. It is hoped that this activity can increase the awareness of urban communities towards the surrounding environment. Because in truth, planting lots of green plants can be an effort to improve environmental conditions, which in turn plays a role in reducing heat and air pollution due to the effects of global warming.

Apart from the healthy lifestyle section or just a momentary trend, urban farming can certainly bring many positive benefits, especially for those who do it. So, if you consider that this activity is part of a healthy lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong if you want to try applying it yourself.

Routine Drinking Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Make Longevity?

Do you experience certain health conditions so you have to take supplements regularly? Or, do you deliberately consume vitamin and mineral supplements every day so you can stay healthy, fit, and live long?

No doubt, supplements are often consumed routinely because they can bring a variety of healthy benefits. In fact, not a few who also believe that vitamin and mineral supplements consumed regularly can make the body healthier so that the age becomes longer.

Get to know the function of supplements
Basically, vitamin and mineral supplements aim to fulfill nutrients that are not obtained from daily food. For example, when a person cannot drink milk, he can take supplements containing calcium.

In essence, supplements are only intended for people who cannot meet daily nutritional needs for certain reasons. Therefore, consumption of supplements is not a substitute for food or medicines given by doctors.

“Not a few people misinterpret (supplements). Finally, not a few people who feel lack of certain vitamins or minerals, then take multivitamin supplements without a doctor’s recommendation, “said Dr. Kartika Mayasari, to KlikDokter.

Supplements and longevity
The idea of ​​things that can prolong life may be very tempting. Especially, if it relates to something that is sold freely such as vitamin and mineral supplements. So what are the real medical facts?

First of all, keep in mind that the best source of nutrients is food. In other words, all the good that certain nutrients can give you can feel optimally when you eat foods with related nutrient content.

Related to this, a finding revealed that the group that consumed beta-carotene-rich foods had a lower risk of cancer, while those who took beta-carotene supplements did not feel the same effect.

In people with certain conditions, vitamin and mineral supplements may provide significant benefits, including in terms of longevity. Even so, implementing a healthy lifestyle, active moves and eating healthy and nutritious balanced meals every day provides more significant benefits than mere supplements.

“Certain groups of people are advised by doctors to take multivitamin supplements, but in adjusted amounts. Doctors give supplements with consideration: if the patient is not able to meet his daily intake, then the illness that is suffered will not be able to recover quickly, “said Dr. Tika.

From the various reasons above, you are advised not to trust the presumption that vitamin and mineral supplements can make life long. So, from now on, you should not rely too much on supplements. It would be better if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, consume healthy and nutritious balanced foods every day, diligently exercise, get enough rest and manage stress well.

Healthy Lifestyle Begins with Diet

Today’s healthy lifestyle starts to be run by many urban communities, although it is not easy to do but actually a healthy lifestyle has many benefits. So many things that affect a person’s lifestyle include daily activities, work and food. One healthy lifestyle that can be done is to carry out a good diet such as switching to foods that are more healthy and nourishing.

Clinical nutritionist, Dr. Cindiawaty Josito MARS MS SpGK, said, the number of deaths from non-communicable diseases that occurred in Indonesia continued to show an increasing trend from year to year.

“This is caused by unhealthy lifestyles and poor diet,” Cindy said on the sidelines of a discussion on Health H2 Health & Happiness with Modena, in Jakarta, Thursday (9/20).

Cindy said, as a solution, it was important for the community to live a healthy lifestyle and a good diet. In addition to exercise, it is also important to maintain a balance between the nutrition of food and drinks consumed every day.

“Start consuming foods and drinks that provide more nutrition and health for the body,” he added.

The author of the book Eating Clean and a healthy lifestyle actor, Inge TumiwaBachrens, added, many people argue that a healthy lifestyle is difficult to run and a good diet is synonymous with healthy food that is not tasty. In fact, running a healthy lifestyle and a good diet is an easy thing and we can still enjoy it.

“Both can be started from small things that are easy and simple, such as starting to replace the daily food we consume with other food alternatives that are more nutritious and healthy,” Inge said.

Meanwhile, Modena Chef, Odie Djamil, said, to get quality food rich in nutrients in everyday life we ​​should choose natural foods without preservatives.

“In addition, food processing must also be right. Like boiling vegetables, there is a way for the vitamins to not be lost. Make sure the water temperature is not too high. “added Odie.

Business Manager of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, I Ketut P Kirastha, stated, most people today are starting to avoid less healthy foods, such as fast food, highly processed, containing gluten, high sugar, and fat.

“They are starting to switch to more nutritious natural foods, such as foods high in fiber, gluten free, low in sugar and fat,” he explained.

Kirastha added, it launched Coconut Flour H2 which is a gluten-free flour with high fiber content and cholesterol free. There is also H2 Sugar Coconut is a natural sweetener that is low in the Glycemic Index and rich in nutrients.

“Both are nutritious natural foods that can be applied daily to support a healthy lifestyle and good diet,” he said.

Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Biological Age

Have you applied a healthy lifestyle so far? As you often hear, a healthy lifestyle is done to protect the body from various diseases. More than that, the lifestyle also turns out to make you young. That’s because a healthy lifestyle also affects your biological age.

The biological age itself is the age that cells have in your body. Biological age can be faster or slower than chronological age (increasing age every year).

“Your biological age can be younger or older than chronological age. A person who is 50 years old can have 30 years of biological age. Likewise with someone who is still 30 years old, but the actual age of the body is 50 years, “said Dr. Karin Wiradarma from KlikDokter.

To determine the biological age, you can refer to the following: 1.Exercise habits
2.Eating habit
3.Stress level
4.Alcohol consumption
5.Level of education
6.Sleep duration
7.Sexual and romantic relationships.

Besides being registered, the biological age is also influenced by genetics. If you have a family member who has lived longer than 96 years, you have the possibility to live a long time like that, even if the habits carried out everyday are not healthy.

Another important factor that affects biological age is where to live. It is no secret that the environment also helps improve the quality of health, although it is also important to anticipate it, both from the aspect of cleanliness and the availability of important facilities such as clean water.

For example, people who live in slums have a lower desire to exercise outside the home. They also tend not to find shops that sell fresh fruit and food in clean packaging. In fact, under the same conditions, a bad environment tends to cause stress levels to be higher.

A healthy lifestyle to stay young
So that a truly effective lifestyle can make your biological age younger, one thing you should begin to pay attention to is daily food intake.

“The bad fats found in fried foods, fast food, processed foods, and high-sugar foods should be avoided. Instead, multiply the consumption of fish, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, “said Dr. Karin.

After that, exercise for 30 minutes a day three times a week. This is so that your body continues to be honed so that aging does not occur quickly. Then, keep your weight in the ideal range.

Finally, just need to rest by sleeping at least 8 hours a day. Stay away from cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and drugs, and manage stress well also needs to be done. You can also do medical check-ups regularly so that health conditions continue to be monitored well.

So how? Are you interested in starting to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that your biological age can stay young? Be sure to do it continuously and consistently, so that you really feel the benefits of all time.

Healthier Life by Maintaining Lung Health

The lungs are organs in the respiratory system that are related to the circulatory system. Humans have two lungs, the left and right lungs. The left lung has two lobes so that it is smaller than the right lung which has three lobes.

Healthy lungs are able to provide large amounts of oxygen for blood so that it has a good impact on the body to be able to work and do activities well. The lungs are organs that play a role in the respiratory system for humans.

If something happens to the lungs or organs that are functioning poorly, then it can result in lowering the flow of oxygen throughout the body and increasing the risk of developing other lung diseases. Of course, one way to maintain lung health is by not smoking. But besides that, there are 5 other ways that you can apply to maintain lung health:

1. Consuming Antioxidants
To maintain lung health, it is recommended to routinely eat healthy foods such as fruits, especially those rich in vitamin C. Because these fruits are believed to have the ability to protect the lungs from damage caused by oxidants.

2. Routine Doing Sports For some people, doing sports is a difficult thing. Even though with regular exercise, there are many benefits that can be obtained. Therefore, start exercising gradually. With a minimum of 3 times a week, starting from light exercise such as walking or jogging.

3. Stay away from cigarette smoke
A person who is not a smoker but who breathes cigarette smoke is at risk of developing the same disease as smokers. Some things that can be done to avoid passive smoking are by prohibiting smokers from smoking in homes, cars, or work environments.

4. Increase air in the room
Another way that can be done to maintain lung health is by ensuring adequate air into the house. You can open a window while cleaning home furniture or doing other cleaning activities.

5. Avoid Exposure to Pollution
In daily activities you should avoid exposure to pollution such as dust, smoke, ash, and others. Indoor and outdoor air pollution can cause health problems, especially for someone who has lung disease. Some things can be done to keep the air condition clean.

Outdoor Environment:
1.Do not let the car engine turn on when not in use.
2.Do not use pesticides and other chemicals in the yard and garden. 3. Use a mask when you ride a motorcycle.

Indoor Environment:
1. Periodically clean household appliances.
2. Maintain the cleanliness of the floor, bathroom and kitchen. 3. Maintain cleanliness of sofas, mattresses, and pillows from dust. 4. Maintain air circulation in the room

There are several steps to maintain lung health. It is better to discuss regularly with your doctor to find out the condition of the lungs and other organs. You can use the Halodoc application to contact a doctor through the Contact Doctor menu by choosing the method of chat, voice call and video call. And buy drugs or vitamins through the Pharmacy Delivery menu. Download the Halodoc application now on the App Store and Google Play.

Application of K3 Culture in the Work Environment Is Important!

On Tuesday (11/12), at the Fitness Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, in Jakarta, the issue of K3 Culture (Occupational Safety and Health) in the work environment was echoed again. This is to welcome the K3 Month which will fall in mid-January.

One form of campaign carried out to increase the attention of companies for K3 Culture is the preparation of the K3 Guidelines that will be launched that month.

Regarding this issue, Kartini Rustandi, M.Kes., As the Director of Occupational Health and Sports from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia said that the potential hazards in a work must be anticipated, for example, work-related illnesses and accidents while working.

“Workers must be considered, because many risks will be experienced. If workers get sick, the company will also suffer losses. So, protecting workers must be done early, “he said when met at Kuningan, South Jakarta.

To provide protection to its workers, the company is encouraged to explore the K3 Culture more and apply it

Know what K3 is
Occupational Safety and Health or abbreviated as K3 is one of the efforts of occupational safety and health in a work environment that aims to improve the quality of life and increase worker productivity. Thus, this will have an impact on the company’s profits.

The occupational health and safety standards listed in the K3 Guidebook are Improvement in Work Health Knowledge, Cultivation of Clean and Healthy Life Behaviors (PHBS) in the Workplace, Provision of ASI Space and Provision of Breastfeeding Opportunities.

Not only that, physical activity, health checks and the application of ergonomics in the work environment are also listed in the book. This book is structured as a reference in developing the K3 Culture in the work environment.

In some companies, K3 Culture has been implemented by holding sports classes, providing exercise facilities, or even applying special times for stretching muscles or exercising in the middle of work.

The importance of implementing K3 in the office
The Indonesian Ministry of Health itself continues to echo the K3 Culture because it was recorded in the Social Security Agency (BPJS) data that there were at least 110,285 cases of work accidents throughout 2015, 105,182 cases in 2016, and 80,392 cases until August 2017.

Despite the decline, the Ministry of Health will emphasize the importance of the K3 Culture to minimize cases that still occur.

Head of Sub Directorate of Assessment and Standardization, Directorate of Occupational Safety and Health from the Ministry of Manpower, Drs. M. Idham, M.KKK, explained that the Ministry of Manpower had suggested the application of the K3 Norm.

He hopes that the company will start implementing the stipulated regulations, for the sake of employee productivity and health.

“In general, companies definitely want increased profits. But keep in mind, company profits are also influenced by worker productivity that is closely related to occupational safety and health, “he explained.

The culture of OSH in the work environment has not been fully implemented by companies in Indonesia. According to the Ministry of Health, the key to realizing K3 Culture is the willingness of workers to adopt a healthy lifestyle as well. For example, by leaving early to jog around the office or stretch in the middle of work. So, have you applied the K3 Culture while working?

A Healthy Lifestyle Is Not Expensive

Today, Monday (12/11) is celebrated as National Health Day. There is nothing wrong with self-introspection about how you live your lifestyle so far. Is your lifestyle healthy or far from it?

Indeed, not a few people are reluctant to adopt a healthy lifestyle. One of the most frequently cited reasons is because a healthy lifestyle costs money. In fact, did you know that it really isn’t?

Yes, a healthy lifestyle can be arranged to fit the budget you have. For this, here are some tips that you can apply:

1. Instead of going to the gym, it’s better to run
Instead of exercising in the gym and having to spend a little deep, it’s better to do outdoor sports that are easily cheaper. One sport that is easy and easy to do is running or jogging.

According to Dr. Astrid Wulan Kusumoastuti from KlikDokter, running is a cardio exercise that is good for heart health and general fitness. You can do this exercise for 30 minutes every day, or 150 minutes a week.

If running still feels heavy, just walking around the house is also not a problem. To be sure, do about 30 minutes or more in a day.

2. Meditation for managing stress
Often stressed and you want to get rid of it immediately? No need to be expensive to get out of town. You can meditate inside the house, precisely in a quiet and dark room.

According to Dr. Nadia Octavia from KlikDokter, meditation can improve the quality of your life. In addition, activities carried out by sitting still, focusing the mind, and those feelings can also reduce blood pressure, reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms, control anxiety symptoms. Your emotions are also more stable, so stress can be managed well.

3. Change the meat you consume
You probably already know how great the benefits of meat are for your health. But, not infrequently, meat prices are quite expensive and that makes some people unable to buy them. Even so, you don’t need to be too disappointed.

You can get more or less the same benefits by replacing the meat with fish.

No need to buy expensive fish, because mackerel and sardines alone are enough to help your health.

According to Dr. Dyan Mega Inderawati from KlikDokter, these two types of fish can prevent strokes because they contain omega-3, which is good fat to prevent the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body.

In addition to fish, eggs are a commensurate substitute for meat, even though the price is inversely proportional. Eggs contain protein, antioxidants, choline, omega-3, vitamin D, amino acids, iron, and zinc. According to Dr. Ega, the content is all good for the health of the heart, skin, nails, hair, eyes, and brain.

4. Plant vegetables yourself
Urban farming or vegetable gardening itself is a gardening activity carried out in urban areas. This trend is increasingly prevalent, because people are increasingly aware of healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyles. No need for large land, a balcony and a house terrace are enough to do it.

According to Dr. Theresia Rina Yunita from KlikDokter, urban farming is very good in terms of economy and health. The economic side is very good, because with gardening you don’t have to bother buying vegetables outside.

While in terms of health, urban farming can make you eat vegetables that are free of pesticides. You certainly know, if most of the vegetables that are sold freely sometimes contain pesticides or pest or insect repellents. More than that, urban farming can also make the body healthier and stronger, and keep you from stress.

5. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
Cigarettes and alcohol are two things that you must avoid if you want to have a healthy body. According to Dr. Resthie Rachmanta Putri from KlikDokter, by inhaling cigarettes, cells in the body will experience changes and can cause disease at any time.

Cigarettes have also been shown to play a role in the incidence of lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary heart disease and strokes, and fertility disorders.

While alcohol, one substance that can damage the kidneys, liver, teeth, face, and heart. According to one study, alcohol does not even provide any benefits to the body, instead increasing the risk of death.

6. Routine health check
To get updated information about health conditions, there is no harm if you routinely conduct health checks. According to Dr. Irma Rismayanty, by doing a health test, you can detect the disease earlier and control abnormalities or problems earlier. This preventive measure is cheaper than treatment due to being late in monitoring your health.

Furthermore, Dr. Irma recommends that you do a routine health check every two years. With a note, your body has no significant health problems. If the test results show there is something to watch out for, you can do it once a year.

Now, there are some things you can do to start implementing a healthy lifestyle. Not expensive, right? Come on, apply from now onwards, as an effort to participate in the success of the National Health Day.

6 Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Good and right ways to live healthy everyday are ways you can improve your quality of life better on health. Many people forget to set aside time to eat, choose to finish work late at night, so no more hours of sleep 7-8 hours per day.

If such a lifestyle continues, it will have a negative impact on the body. To have a healthy body there are many ways that you can apply, but it’s not easy to change an irregular lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

It is true that there are many obstacles that you will face to change and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The biggest obstacle is laziness that arises in you and underestimates the importance of health. Therefore we need a strong enough intention from within, if there is an intention then it is to have the will, thus the realization of the healthy lifestyle that you want.

Here are 6 tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that can be applied to your daily life:

6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Enough Rest
You need to know that adequate rest is important for your health. Because if the body is preoccupied with lots of activities every day and lacks rest, then the body will be vulnerable to disease.

With enough rest every day, then you have done a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle well.

2. Pay attention to food intake
For how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to regulate what foods will be consumed every day. For example various kinds of nutrients needed by humans are carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Besides that you also have to avoid high-fat foods. Fatty foods can cause accumulation of cholesterol in blood vessels. This can trigger a variety of chronic diseases.

3. Drinking water
Drinking water is one of the easy and healthy ways to live. Because by drinking water, it can remove toxins in the body, which are released through urine.

The body really needs liquid elements because of the many activities every day so you are highly recommended to drink at least 8 glasses per day.

4. Diligent Exercising
Taking time to exercise is one way to live a healthy lifestyle. Because exercise makes the body more fit and fit.

Exercise can release toxins in the body, which are released through sweat. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is incomplete if you don’t exercise.

5. Familiarize Clean Life
Maintaining cleanliness includes a healthy way of life. In addition to comfort and health, cleanliness also makes a good mood when you start your activities.

Do not forget to pay attention to hand hygiene by diligently washing hands. Because in daily activities you certainly hold a lot of things or items that are not known to be clean.

6. Leave Bad Habits
At this point you have to completely abandon negative habits, such as smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. Because smoking and drinking alcohol will cause the organs in the body to be damaged.

Besides the 6 tips above, you can also discuss with your doctor about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can do this by downloading the Halodoc application on a smartphone, so you don’t have to bother coming to the hospital. Through Halodoc you can ask questions about health through Chat and Voice / Video Call with a choice of thousands of trusted doctors. You can also buy drugs online that will be delivered to your home within 1 hour. Immediately download the application on the App Store and Google Play.

4 Wrong Habits at Eating

In order for the body to stay healthy, not only food intake needs to be maintained, you also need to pay attention to eating habits. For one reason or another, without realizing it people often make wrong habits when eating.

This is what causes your weight does not go down even though it has reduced the portion of food.

Wrong habits when eating can also trigger health problems such as magma, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

1. Eating with Kalap
Eating with heat or eating in large portions is one of the wrong eating habits, but often done by many people. There are various conditions that can cause this habit to be formed, for example because of the large amount of work that needs to be done, people skip eating lunch, so it ends up being even worse in the next meal. Or people who are undergoing a strict diet, even so crazy eating junk food at cheat day.

There are also some people who, because they feel very hungry, eat food blindly to satiety. Well, this habit should be immediately changed because it can actually cause weight gain.

So that you don’t go crazy every time you eat, try not to let your stomach starve. Get used to eating on time or eating small portions throughout the day.

Also, try to exchange your large dinner plate with smaller plates to prevent you from overeating.

2. Eat While Doing Other Things
Do you often eat while watching TV? Or while checking Instagram on a smartphone? In fact, eating food while doing other things just makes you unable to control what goes into your mouth. When your attention is divided, you tend to eat more than you need.

This is because multitasking makes it difficult for you to detect a feeling of fullness.

According to various studies, this habit also makes you less satisfied with the food consumed so you feel like eating more and more.

So, the simple solution is when it’s time to eat, focus on your food and don’t do other activities until you finish eating.

3. Emotional Eating
Another eating habit that is also wrong is the tendency to consume certain foods excessively while being in an unstable emotional state. This habit is also called emotional eating.

For example, you are used to snacking on a lot of sweet foods when you are feeling stressed with a lot of work. Or eat a bowl of ice cream in the room when you’re sad because you just broke up.

Because, when you want to vent emotions with lots of food, you tend to choose junk food to overcome your emotions. This is what makes this habit become unhealthy.

So, you should look for other ways that are healthier and safer to vent your emotions, such as exercising, telling friends, and so on.

4. Eat Too Fast
Because it’s too busy or because it’s in a hurry, many people often eat as fast as possible. But you know, this habit doesn’t give enough time for your brain to catch up with your stomach.

If you eat lunch in under 10 minutes, you can eat more than your body actually needs.

According to Japanese researchers, eating too fast has an effect on increasing body weight. So, try to slow down your meal and make sure to chew food properly. In addition, drinking water can also help slow down the meal and make you full faster.

Well, from the four wrong eating habits, which do you do most often? We recommend that you immediately change the wrong eating habits into a healthier habit. If you experience indigestion due to the wrong way to eat, contact your doctor immediately through the Halodoc application. Through Chat and Voice / Video Call, you can chat with expert doctors without the need to go outside the home. Come on, download the Halodoc app now on the App Store and Google Play!

4 Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Healthy Lungs

Initially, many thought that sweet potatoes were a source of carbohydrates that caused obesity. But if you pay attention again, actually sweet potatoes cannot be equated with rice because it is not the cause of obesity. Of course not consumed excessively.

There are many benefits of tubers that you can get for a healthy body. However, sweet potatoes are one that has health benefits. In addition, sweet potatoes can also be an alternative choice for those of you who are maintaining a diet to lose weight. Come on, find out the benefits of sweet potatoes for healthy lungs below:

1. The Best Source of Vitamin A
Not many know, but sweet potatoes are the best source of vitamin A. The center for Science in the Public Interest calls sweet potatoes a superfood. This is because a sweet potato can provide 200 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A for the body. Vitamin A has many benefits for vision, bone and skin.

2. Rich in Antioxidants Not only rich in vitamin A, sweet potatoes also function as antioxidants. The antioxidant content in yams can prevent infections in the digestive and urinary tract.

3. Prevent Lung Disease
In a study conducted at Kansas State University in 2003, it was found that there was a relationship between vitamin A deficiency and emphysema ( pulmonary disease with accumulation of air in the lungs and tissue damage). The study, published in The American Society for Nutritional Sciences, supports the consumption of vitamin A which is sufficient to maintain lung health.

4. Rich in Fiber
Not only vitamin A, sweet potatoes are also the best source of vitamin C. Even a piece of sweet potato meets 66 percent of daily vitamin C requirements, copper, vitamin B6, iron, calcium, potassium, and manganese. Bulbs that grow in this soil are also rich in fiber. The U.S. Sweet Potato Council Inc., states that cooked sweet potatoes are consumed with their skin while providing more fiber than a serving of oatmeal.

Well, why not start now? Increase the consumption of sweet potatoes to maintain family health every day. Also don’t hesitate to always discuss the problem of nutritional needs needed with a doctor. Use the HaloDoc application to contact the doctor through the Chat, Video Call and Voice Call features. Download the HaloDoc application now on the App Store and Google Play.