4 Wrong Habits at Eating

In order for the body to stay healthy, not only food intake needs to be maintained, you also need to pay attention to eating habits. For one reason or another, without realizing it people often make wrong habits when eating.

This is what causes your weight does not go down even though it has reduced the portion of food.

Wrong habits when eating can also trigger health problems such as magma, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

1. Eating with Kalap
Eating with heat or eating in large portions is one of the wrong eating habits, but often done by many people. There are various conditions that can cause this habit to be formed, for example because of the large amount of work that needs to be done, people skip eating lunch, so it ends up being even worse in the next meal. Or people who are undergoing a strict diet, even so crazy eating junk food at cheat day.

There are also some people who, because they feel very hungry, eat food blindly to satiety. Well, this habit should be immediately changed because it can actually cause weight gain.

So that you don’t go crazy every time you eat, try not to let your stomach starve. Get used to eating on time or eating small portions throughout the day.

Also, try to exchange your large dinner plate with smaller plates to prevent you from overeating.

2. Eat While Doing Other Things
Do you often eat while watching TV? Or while checking Instagram on a smartphone? In fact, eating food while doing other things just makes you unable to control what goes into your mouth. When your attention is divided, you tend to eat more than you need.

This is because multitasking makes it difficult for you to detect a feeling of fullness.

According to various studies, this habit also makes you less satisfied with the food consumed so you feel like eating more and more.

So, the simple solution is when it’s time to eat, focus on your food and don’t do other activities until you finish eating.

3. Emotional Eating
Another eating habit that is also wrong is the tendency to consume certain foods excessively while being in an unstable emotional state. This habit is also called emotional eating.

For example, you are used to snacking on a lot of sweet foods when you are feeling stressed with a lot of work. Or eat a bowl of ice cream in the room when you’re sad because you just broke up.

Because, when you want to vent emotions with lots of food, you tend to choose junk food to overcome your emotions. This is what makes this habit become unhealthy.

So, you should look for other ways that are healthier and safer to vent your emotions, such as exercising, telling friends, and so on.

4. Eat Too Fast
Because it’s too busy or because it’s in a hurry, many people often eat as fast as possible. But you know, this habit doesn’t give enough time for your brain to catch up with your stomach.

If you eat lunch in under 10 minutes, you can eat more than your body actually needs.

According to Japanese researchers, eating too fast has an effect on increasing body weight. So, try to slow down your meal and make sure to chew food properly. In addition, drinking water can also help slow down the meal and make you full faster.

Well, from the four wrong eating habits, which do you do most often? We recommend that you immediately change the wrong eating habits into a healthier habit. If you experience indigestion due to the wrong way to eat, contact your doctor immediately through the Halodoc application. Through Chat and Voice / Video Call, you can chat with expert doctors without the need to go outside the home. Come on, download the Halodoc app now on the App Store and Google Play!

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