Routine Drinking Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Make Longevity?

Do you experience certain health conditions so you have to take supplements regularly? Or, do you deliberately consume vitamin and mineral supplements every day so you can stay healthy, fit, and live long?

No doubt, supplements are often consumed routinely because they can bring a variety of healthy benefits. In fact, not a few who also believe that vitamin and mineral supplements consumed regularly can make the body healthier so that the age becomes longer.

Get to know the function of supplements
Basically, vitamin and mineral supplements aim to fulfill nutrients that are not obtained from daily food. For example, when a person cannot drink milk, he can take supplements containing calcium.

In essence, supplements are only intended for people who cannot meet daily nutritional needs for certain reasons. Therefore, consumption of supplements is not a substitute for food or medicines given by doctors.

“Not a few people misinterpret (supplements). Finally, not a few people who feel lack of certain vitamins or minerals, then take multivitamin supplements without a doctor’s recommendation, “said Dr. Kartika Mayasari, to KlikDokter.

Supplements and longevity
The idea of ​​things that can prolong life may be very tempting. Especially, if it relates to something that is sold freely such as vitamin and mineral supplements. So what are the real medical facts?

First of all, keep in mind that the best source of nutrients is food. In other words, all the good that certain nutrients can give you can feel optimally when you eat foods with related nutrient content.

Related to this, a finding revealed that the group that consumed beta-carotene-rich foods had a lower risk of cancer, while those who took beta-carotene supplements did not feel the same effect.

In people with certain conditions, vitamin and mineral supplements may provide significant benefits, including in terms of longevity. Even so, implementing a healthy lifestyle, active moves and eating healthy and nutritious balanced meals every day provides more significant benefits than mere supplements.

“Certain groups of people are advised by doctors to take multivitamin supplements, but in adjusted amounts. Doctors give supplements with consideration: if the patient is not able to meet his daily intake, then the illness that is suffered will not be able to recover quickly, “said Dr. Tika.

From the various reasons above, you are advised not to trust the presumption that vitamin and mineral supplements can make life long. So, from now on, you should not rely too much on supplements. It would be better if you adopt a healthy lifestyle, consume healthy and nutritious balanced foods every day, diligently exercise, get enough rest and manage stress well.

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