Urban Farming, Healthy Lifestyle or Trends?

Urban farming has become one of the behaviors that have often been applied in urban areas over the past few years. This is done because it is considered as part of a healthy lifestyle.

For those of you who don’t know, urban farming is one of the activities carried out by utilizing vacant lands in urban areas to grow crops or raise livestock independently. The vacant land referred to in this activity can cover several areas at home or office.

At home, urban farming activities can be done in the yard, terrace, balcony, roof, kitchen, living room, and others. This can also be done in office areas.

In practice, farming activities are usually carried out using used pots, containers, bottles or cans as a place to grow crops. The types of plants used are usually vegetables or fruit that can be consumed, as well as ornamental plants to beautify the appearance of the house and office.

Some examples of plants that are often chosen, including spinach, kale, chives, celery, beans, and lettuce. While for fruits that are usually the choice are tomatoes, melons, and others.

The purpose of urban farming
By way of farming independently, the culprit hopes that the fruits or vegetables grown are free from harmful chemicals and have high quality. Thus, the vegetable or fruit also has a high nutritional status and is safe for consumption.

In addition, urban farming is also often used as a means of physical activity that can make the body more active. In fact, some people who do urban farming claim that the stress levels they have become lower so that mental health is also more awake.

Furthermore, urban farming activities can also be a source of income, thereby reducing expenditure. This activity also helped increase household-scale food production, which in turn brought benefits to reduce import requirements.

On this basis, urban farming is proven to be able to help overcome social, economic, health and environmental problems simultaneously. It is hoped that this activity can increase the awareness of urban communities towards the surrounding environment. Because in truth, planting lots of green plants can be an effort to improve environmental conditions, which in turn plays a role in reducing heat and air pollution due to the effects of global warming.

Apart from the healthy lifestyle section or just a momentary trend, urban farming can certainly bring many positive benefits, especially for those who do it. So, if you consider that this activity is part of a healthy lifestyle, there’s nothing wrong if you want to try applying it yourself.

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